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The law office of Justino de Oliveira offers highly focused services in consultation and litigation within the areas of Public Law and Arbitration. Staffed by a multi-disciplinary team known for its outstanding work that centers on clients’ expectations through innovative and effective solutions established by the firm’s founder, and University Professor; Mr. Gustavo Justino de Oliveira.

The office, which has established its own methodology in attending clients, sets steps that are reflected upon and focuses on the needs and necessities of each client, the execution and delivery of the work, as well as the follow-up that is needed to reach the expected results. As a result of the founder’s field of expertise, including the professionals that make up his team, the handling of work is timely and personalized, and is always conducted directly with the clients’ participation in order to attain the expected expectations.

The interaction of the firm’s professionals together with its clients is what makes the firm stand out, which from a humanistic perspective, allows the firm to understand in detail the peculiarities of each case, enabling and finding effective personalized solutions for clients’ issues and concerns.

Areas of Expertise


Our Team

Prof. Gustavo Justino de Oliveira

The legal professionals from the office are led by Professor Gustavo Justino de Oliveira, a Professor of Administrative Law at the University of Sao Paulo who has a Doctor of Law in Administrative Law at USP, a Post-Doctorate both in State Law from the Coimbra Faculty of Law (Portugal, 2008) and in International Arbitration from the Max Planck Institute (Hamburg-Germany, 2013). Professor Oliveira has also been the writer of a large number of specialized technical books and articles acknowledged in the areas of Public Law and Arbitration.

In addition to Professor Oliveira, the staff is also composed of competent professionals with solid educational backgrounds in a number of areas within Public and Civil Procedural Law. This enables the firm to collect multidisciplinary knowledge of Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Economic Law, Civil Procedural Law, Arbitration and Third-Sector Law.








Alameda Lorena, 800  cj 701   |    Jardins  |    São Paulo / SP  |    CEP 01424-001
Phone: +55 (11) 3525-7274

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